Saturday, July 2, 2016

1184 framed flowers on the wall

I have made some changse 
I like this frame better.
I also painted out some of the flowers.


It is funny it is if  
I can breath  
looking at it know

was a bid depressing with al the brown

Mixed media painting on cotton
30 x 30 cm
(unframde or streshed)
it canbe aranged

this painting has so many things in it that I adore
frames, flowers, old walls with character.

many layers adding an painting out I was happy with it like this
I use an frame
to see the painting standing alone.

An edited with out the frame
This is how I keep the painting 
so it is up to the new owner can to decide
 if they want it to be like in the frame 
 or if they want to see some of the painting history on the edge.

looking at it from an different perspective

this is where it all begun.

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