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the visit

Sound: (knock at the door)

Me: (opens door. Looks at creature wearing a t-shirt that reads “fear of failure”, the shirt is covered in bloodstains.)

“You?!?”, I exclaim, “I thought I was done with you.”

“Apparently not, since you seem a bit flustered.”

“Shit, is it that obvious? Listen, I know now that comparing oneself to others is silly. We all have different life paths, so it is a futile act to compare one with another. Each human is here to learn different things and progress in different ways.”

“So why am I here then?”

“Because I still have those days when my confidence takes a nose dive?”

“You’re human, it happens.”

“You might as come in. We should probably sit for a while. But only for a day or so because I have work to do and I’m anxious to get back to it.”

“Why don’t we go for a long walk instead.”

“Sounds good.” wrote by Keri Smith

Art Every Day Month 22

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